To sit on MaHwa throne

What scandal would be necessary to dislodge Tokong?
Yes, what awful poo can be fling at a political immortal
It's hard to defeat him when anak Pinang for him sokong
Their ardent support for Guan Yu seems incredibly total

The Jalan Ping-Pong house was not enough of a scandal
And neither was the put-on sad tale of land reclamation
That bastard has too much teflon, just far too invincible
Somehow we've to condemn him to eternal damnation

Wait, there is light after all, yea, at the end of the tunnel
It seems the only issue to use against him mercilessly
Attacks must be ever incessant so as to burst the bubble
Of cleanliness that surrounds Tokong's aura of divinity

WTF, why worry about incorrectness, inconvenient facts
The aim is to spread sufficient poo to smear his holiness
Take this and that, whatever, then use judicious extracts
Fling them hither thither, go on, just make a bloody mess

Let us say Tokong has dug for himself a deep long hole
To Perdition, and we will help, push him along that way
And attack with specially made stink bomb on his role
Dolling up his corruption we must to the people portray

'Tis our last hope if we want to exist, as a party survive
A la Sisyphus, don't ever stop rolling our political stone
To the very peak where hopefully our hopes will revive
Where once again we can sit on the holy MaHwa throne

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