The Pure One

In a quiet lush verdant valley
Where thousand year trees
Reach up to the blue sky
In pure adoration of the sun

Mauve coloured wild orchids
Festoon Nature’s arboretum
Enticing dainty butterflies
To sample their sweet wares

The jasmine blooms battle
Against yellow frangipanis
A war of perfumed fragrance
For affection of honeybees

Thrilling shrill cries of orioles
Mingle with those of doves
While swallows and lyrebirds
Twitter to sweet symphony

Through this valley paradise
The river of silver meanders
Slowly, majestically it ambles
Past banks of bougainvilleas

And there at the bend I see
What I’ve been searching for
The temple on a lonely hill
Aloof in its eternal vigilance

I labour up to the very top
Walking ten thousand steps
To knell at its golden door
And await the High Priestess

She is the Oracle I seek
Sweet Music be her name
The Pure One reigns alone
In the Valley of the Lilies

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