Keris kueh

Note we ain't no Arabs no more
As can be seen, we are Malays
Ya, we ain't the sheik's mandore
We've given up* our camel days

temporarily, wakakaka

Please vote for us, we of thy bangsa
This applies to you, our pals in PKR
And no camel as we'll use Proton Saga
In Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar

We've even celebrated our muktamar 
With a gigantic halal green pulut cake
Yes, we are prepared to go very far
As to use a keris on what was baked

But once the election's over, lose win
We'll ta-ta our Hang Tuah garb adieu
Then once again we'll be happily seen
With a Middle-Eastern camel or two

I miss the massage ... er ...bonking on top of my back 

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