Drama Queen and the Blue Whale

The gab master told us a truly fantastic tale
What he had caught one day when fishing
A behemoth of 400,000 tons, a blue whale
And just with raffia string, bull and panjing

 And its tongue is forked

T'was in Sungei Bumi he landed the Putera
Prince of the Sea, a member of the baleen
Mind, I didn't realise he would go that far
Not knowing his DNA and inherited gene

Oh oh, Ox shallow River said 400K it's not
The whale was just a mere 40K (lb) pounds
T'was just a f**king sardine he had bought
Making all his adoring believers into clowns

But such bullshit is what'll make a minister
Yes, one will be the prettiest Drama Queen 
So said the 180-degrees about-turn traitor
Hearing all these, I sure need more caffeine

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