The Monstrous Beast of Tel Aviv


The monstrous Beast of Tel Aviv

Bares its blood-sucking fangs

It seeks its evil wicked relief

From children's suffering pangs

Though its god punished him twice

By way of painful disporaic exiles

It seems it hasn't ever grown wise

Continuing to oppress more gentiles

Note that good things come in threes

The Final Third Diaspora is in hand

Karma is a bitch, unheeding of pleas

The Beast casts out, forever banned


It's Christmas! Is the war over?

This year in lieu of Christmas greetings I invite you to view the video below.

It's non-religious and very relevant during this troubling time where genocide is happening in Gaza.

I play this song near New Year's end every Year, and never fail to shed tears when I listen to the message from John Lennon and Yoko. 



Promise of a Palestinian

 Promise of a Palestinian

Numb with grief
Numb with rage, what to say

What you've done to us
What we'll do to you, one day

Yes, it'll be tit for tat
An eye for an eye, you'll pay

Land of milk and honey?
HaAretz HaMuvtahat? No way

- Kaytee Moc

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