Shearing my ruffled hair

She ran her fingers through my hair
Then ruffled them affectionately
But it was my heart that was tousled
My yang and yin in dynamic turmoil
But only for a second or two, sigh,
Caught by such delightful surprise
Awakening in me something strange
That I hadn’t felt for a long long time

But now, such sweetness has gone
No more will I thrill to her soft touch
To be enthralled by the endearment
My hair rendered utterly irrelevant
Should be shorn off like Samson’s
And like the biblical judge, my hope
Enervated, just my karmic outcome
I am all alone as I have once been


Dew drop

In dawn's glow
On a leaf
A dew drop

A tear
From an angel?
Or a pearl
Of promise?

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