Tribute to the people's Tiger

Tribute to the people’s Tiger

I saw the Khalsa Warrior saddled up on his white steed
With steely eyes, a lion’s heart and strong moral kirpa
And ready to offer for the downtrodden his good deed
Even if that requires him to ride bravely into Nirvana

Indomitable, courageous, resolute yet conscionable
He was the people’s Tiger with a compassionate heart
No legal or political challenge for him was impossible
Even if he had to upset sacred cows and the apple cart

So he has ridden his faithful steed into the setting sun
Along a lush valley of fragrant lily and bunga cempaka
But he wants us to know his tasks are yet all to be done
With even more after he reaches the Golden Gurdwara

Thus we his heirs of conscience, of public responsibilities
Must pick up his mantle even as we bid our Bhai adieu
And continue unabated his discharge of righteous duties
So he can sit peacefully on the right side of Waheguru

my tribute to Bhai published by Malaysiakini today


Remembering Bernard Khoo @ Zorro Unmasked

In Spanish California Don Diego de la Vega might have been Zorro
Tho’ in our homeland he had been none other than Bernard Khoo
But to our immense shock, grief and tears, our much great sorrow
Our respected silver haired fox (Zorro) has left us for yonder blue

I’m sure Bernard in that far better place will still be sipping away
His much loved ‘The Macallam’ tot by unending tot with an angel
Where he is, there’s no night nor darkness, only ever blissful day
Dear Bernard Khoo, Zorro Unmasked, requiescat in pace, Vale

Eulogy also published in KTemoc Konsiders

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