False prophets of Kampung Buah Pala

The court has passed the death sentence
On High Chaparral, the village of Buah Pala
Signalling the final chapter of a resistance
That was further weakened by bull charisma

The villagers mortally wounded long ago
Were ill served by the new false prophets
Misleading the residents from woe to woe
Treating innocent hopefuls as mere puppets

Once where real cow poo fertilize the land
Sheer utter bull now corrupts the pristine air
Confusing the villagers with sleight of hand
By their exploitative braggadocio and dare

Resist, hold fast, give way not a millimeter
From way behind they shouted ferociously
We’re sure to win, but comes September
Those ‘brave’ voices will just be a memory

See Malaysiakini - Federal Court strikes out Buah Pala residents' application


Jeanne d’Arc & Jailani d’Azalina

Jeanne d’Arc, then just 19
Fought for God and country
They burnt her at the stake
T’was a Christian thing to do

Initially disowned, a heretic?
Then heroine, a sweet saint
Ha, a useful name for pollies
To brandish for patriotic votes

She fought for her liege King
but who abandoned the Maid
To those English from beyond
Oh, shameful disloyal royalty

Jailani d’Azalina, at sweet 26
Saw God in a wrong country
Wanna burn her at the stake?
Just the fate for an apostate

Initially embraced, a heroine
A sweet 'saint' of Christianity
Crusaders fought for the Maid
To the last drop of her blood

But she was soon abandoned
Along the path of expediency
Her usefulness now hudud-ised
No more memory of Lina Joy

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(2) Lina Joy - Victim of religion or Votive offering to religion?

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