49th Merdeka

What a day!
Enjoy, rejoice
Be safe out there

Look to the left
at your neighbours
Go, hold their hands

Look to the right
It's the forgotten
Help pick them up

Look right around
at those left behind
Do take them along

What a day!
Enjoy, rejoice,
Best if together


Children of Qana

Lying still in Qana's mud
of dust mixed with blood,
children broken in bodies,
mums wrecked in miseries

Death came from the sky
to maim, kill, & destroy,
from hearts full of hate,
minds of evil incarnate

Among bloodied debris,
pierced young bodies
by Death's burnished steel
of cruel sharp shrapnel

But streaks of blood mar
its blue six-pointed star;
Turn Death the other way
to see it say Made in USA

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