God created all creatures

FMT - Subang DAP youth leader denies quitting over ‘gay iftar’ (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: The founding president of a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights group, has quit his posts in DAP after having organised a “gay iftar” last month, MalayMail Online (MMO) reported.

Numan Afifi, of Pelangi Campaign, ... [...] ... however, denies being forced to quit from his posts by the party following the controversy raised after the “gay iftar” breaking of fast event on June 10, organised by Pelangi Campaign.

“I think for the cause I’m doing, I don’t want it to be affected by politics. So I think it’s best for the activism I’m doing to not be influenced by politics,” Numan told MMO, adding that he remains a DAP member.

Two DAP youth leaders also denied that the party had anything to do with Numan’s decision to quit from his posts.

LGBT is such a sensitive issue in religiously conservative Malaysia (not just with Muslims but Christians as well) that poor Numan Afifi felt he has to quit his political job just because he merely organised a 'gay' iftar.

This sounds ridiculous but not in Malaysia, where God's creation can be edited, audited and vetted for approval by mortal priests (of the Abrahamic religions).

By the way, for Malaysians (including and especially Malays, wakakaka) who might have forgotten what is the Malay term of 'buka puasa', it means the current Arab word 'iftar', wakakaka again.

LBGT flag

(top to bottom) Hot pink Sex, Red Life, Orange Healing, Yellow Sunlight,
Green Nature, Turquoise Magic/Ar
t, Indigo Serenity, Violet Spirit

Buddhist flag
Buddhist Truth & compassion

(left to right) blue Compassion, yellow Middle-way (moderation), red Blessing of practice (achievement, wisdom, virtue, fortune and dignity), white Purity of Dhamma – leading to liberation, timeless, orange Wisdom of Buddha's teaching, 6th compound colours Truth of the Buddha's teaching

The beautiful Pelangi people came for 'iftar'
In colours like the flag of Truth & Compassion
BTW, 'iftar' in our lingo means 'buka puasa'
When passion was for Allah, not Arabisation

They respect the Divine words on Ramadan
Abstaining thro' discipline and devoted piety
Praying, only breaking puasa at setting sun
They, best of god's children, fast in empathy

Priests of Hatred revile these God's Children
Defiling the Almighty's own beautiful creation
Insulting the Lord's hard work with derision
Blaspheming divine work without realisation

They believe not in God but enhanced prestige
Indulging in vile threats of malevolent hostility
Not unlike dark occult forces used to bewitch
Blind lemming-like followers of their religiosity



Rats and Rats - Which?

The Malaysian Insight - Thaqif died of bacteria attack, second post mortem reveals (extracts):

MOHAMAD Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, a religious school student whose death caused an uproar in April, died of leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals, the second post mortem revealed.

Thaqif's family, however, are incensed that they were given this news today by reporters, instead of the police or the Health Ministry.

His mother, Felda Wani Ahmad told The Malaysian Insight today that she will not accept the post mortem results, questioning why none of the other students in the school – Madrasah Tahfiz Al-Jauhar – had not contracted the disease.

The last check showed that the school had 109 students and six teachers.

"Something is not right," Felda told The Malaysian Insight. [...]

A 29-year-old assistant warden in the school was arrested to facilitate investigations as reports emerged that he had beaten Thaqif with a rubber hose.

The assistant warden, who had a previous conviction for robbery, was later released on a RM20,000 court bond.

Felda also questioned why the police and hospital authorities did not inform her and the family before releasing the results to the media.

"I'm still shocked, I think the results are illogical. We can accept that he (Thaqif) is gone, but we cannot accept the results," she said.

I have to admit, that like Thaqif's mum, I am not satisfied with the findings of the second post-mortem.

Recall, earlier the exhumation was also done without his mum knowing. His mum was so much in grief about the unexpected (initially unknown to her) exhumation said: "It's not a cat but my son".

Again for an unforgivable second time, the Ministry of Health f**ked it up, lacking basic decent courtesy in informing Thaqif's family of the exhumation findings before releasing them to the press. WTF has been going on?

It's somewhat strange none of the other students at Madrasah Tahfiz Al-Jauhar suffered in any degree from leptospirosis.

Was Thaqif so uniquely unfortunate, perhaps cursed by God or Satan (take your pick) as to be the ONLY student in the Madrasah to be inflicted by the poisonous rat urine?

Thaqif, you must be strange if God picked only you
To be afflicted by poisonous effect of leptospirosis
Why'd the Almighty picked on a good Muslim too
You just wanted to be a Hafiz, not to suffer necrosis

Legs already amputated, your arm was about to be
This time they blamed the rats, the dogs were not
Throughout the exhumation they ignored your family
Y? Perhaps they didn't want to, perhaps they 'forgot'

And you prayed to Allah swt for your parents to know
Horrible abuses & beatings heaped upon you 2 awful
You just wanted a change of Madrasah and not to forgo
Studying the Quran; the torture was too much for you

We quote Shakespeare to describe a situation wrong
"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark"
You could not tolerate the beatings, you did not belong
In a Madrasah that beat student limbs until they're dark

Perfect Baloney

The Mat Salleh claimed I support Anwar
And I regretted my persecutions of him
What bullshit, they've really gone too far
Capitalising upon a repentance theme

I'd never repent, I'd never ever apologise
'Coz I've never and won't ever be wrong
Mind you, in my perfection there is a price
But that's my secret, written in my song

It's a song of brazen bulldozing baloney
To feed to those ‘mudah-lupa’ masses
Sweetening also the dedak with honey
You'd soon have them kissing your ass

Perfect? Then why did Forex go kaput?
Why did Maminco become Makuwasa?
We'd now be eating oysters, not siput
EPF'd still be 2 billion better off thus far

Yes, You might have PERFECTed baloney
In saying no objection to PM being Anwar
Forgive? With your heart black as ebony
That'd be like you giving up Proton Saga

Now you need him, you do need Anwar
But once used, won't he be buang astray
He will be like your 'successful' Perwaja
Cast off but 8 billion still hilang till today

Recall Memali, Ops Lalang & Project IC
Musa copped it sweet for your first call
Police in the 2nd, 3rd you ‘couldn't’ ID
Perfect indeed, your 'mudah lupa' stall

You do not want to talk about the past
But those who can't learn from history
Are fated to re-do it, as taught in class
We've had enough of your evil liturgy

dreaming of my best friend

but don't forget MAS too


3 'Old Goats'

three grumpy 'Old Goats'

Three old galoots took us for a toxic ride
Fill our minds with venom for one another
Thus we have only hatred and ethnic pride
Not considering other as sister and brother

Their individual middle name is Division
Distrust Disrespect Dislike each's surname
They love clashes, conflict, confrontation
Agitating provoking inciting are their game

These old codgers, they are far far worse
Than the Four Horsemen of D'Apocalypse
Poisoning goodwill in every spoken verse
Promoting darkness, shadows and eclipse

They love Pestilence, War, Famine, Death
Riding on horses white, red, black & pale
Exhaling vicious venomous viperish breath
Ethnic division their deadly rancorous sale

I mean 'men', 3 men 

Call them 92, 76, 69 or 3 prophets of hate
Their Kabbalah figures are hexes to beguile
Abracadabra just for their own power sake
Their laughs're of hyena, tears of crocodile

They resent their own ginormous mistakes
But with karma running out their mortality
They want to have & also eat up their cakes
That's why they resent our youthful vitality

very old billy goats 

Leave & let our nation be more harmonious
They should cease spraying muhibbah-cide
We want to regain our country once glorious
Stop leading us like lemmings into suicide

We want to play 'soccer' again like Mokhtar
Arumugam, Santokh Singh, and Chin Aun
Malaysia need civility, decency, muhibbah
Give us more Ola Bola stories, joy and fun

where old goats ought to end up

best for everyone


Three boats, three legs

They curse the man who stands at same time
On two separate boats with one foot on each
An opportunist with no moral, overt or sublime
Worse, to us true believers he dares to preach 

But you have not see him in his full notoriety
Where he has a third leg for one more boat
There is just no end to his sinister infidelity
What treachery and sellout he has invoked

He claims pseudo-leadership of the coalition
Only by default of his supremacist Di-An-A
Behind, he hugs a foe of Green Imposition
In scheming league per his perfidious way

Wait, there's more as he flirts with a newbie
A devious still-active despot, so damnable
Their Di-An-A make a Supremacist coterie
Arrogantly oblivious to proletarian struggle

Party factionalism results sadly in cessation
Of aid for once Loh Gwo Burne's constituency
Wong's Wrong-ed; Wrong-ed Wong's vexation
Suffers aid discontinuity despite his assiduity

An intra-party spite evokes ugly arrogance
In misusing power to punish the 'other' side
The Wannabe Leader shows clear evidence
Of sinister intent to push Team 'B' outside

There is no decent trace of moral principle
But only the obsession to cling on to power
Every which way goes, internal & external
Allies to strike ruthlessly, foes to pamper

He has been tutored by the most notorious

Who taught ways demanding a stone heart
To achieve victories meritorious or inglorious
But what happens when 3 boats move apart


An Imperator Never Apologises

I could not stand a man like him
Who desires some one’s behind
I won’t want him on my team
Don’t ever think I'd be so blind

Yes, I sacked him from the party
And sent him into the wilderness
But who’d have thought how wily
He was in aggressive bitterness

He dared to form Parti Reformasi
To fight me an unchallenged ruler
But he was let down by sodomy
And ended up at Bamboo River

As PM such a man must never be
Can the nation accept a sodomite
O' he disgusts me so unbelievably
I can't even countenance his sight

Years passed and I'm in deep shit
For trying to be like Lim Goh Tong
Losing several billions & a wee bit
Wasn't my error just a wee wrong

Now I need his party to play ball
But don't think I've accepted him
It’s just my usual hypocritical call
To attract Si Merajuk to my team

Once I’ve won the general election
I will not need his party anymore
He can continue his stay in prison
Hatred of him is deep in my core

I’m the nation’s highest Imperator
None will ever get the better of me
Even the PM has to be my mandor
Or he will end up like Jibby & AAB

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