The kau-kau pinioning of S-binte

Malaysian political poem No 2 (31/03/21):

Sorry AMNO, we luv Ber-catur coz she has Sbinte

That's hell of a lot better than a mere 90 million

VELLFIRE, Emissary-ship and Sandakan O-O-me

Aiyoyo, the grunting as S is being kau2 pinioned

- Haziq Liberace


Come back lah sayangku, wakakaka

Malaysian political poem - March 2021:

I may have lost someone who didn’t love me
but you lost someone who truly loved you

Come back lah sayangku yang sangat dicintai
I will cook for you nasi kangkang with budu

You sleazy slut, prostitute, treacherous whore
Even going beyond khalwat plus plus, Omigod
And ere your Abang is even out of the door
What a bloody cheat you've been, bloody sod


Nature and her gifts to us

Malay Mail Online:

Japanese park replaces resident hedgehog with a brush to protect it from the cold

A park in Japan decided to switch its resident hedgehog with a brush to protect the mammal from the cold. — Photo via Twitter/ @popoyo_pyn

KUALA LUMPUR, March 9 — A Japanese park in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, has gone viral after it replaced its resident hedgehog with a brush to protect the mammal from the cold.

The switch was realised by a Twitter user who uploaded a picture of the enclosure at Kuragaike Park, together with a notice explaining the change.

The notice states that the hedgehog was not on display due to the cold weather.

The resident hedgehog was offered reprieve from the cold with its 'stand-in'. — Reuters pic

“Instead, please observe this brush that looks like a hedgehog. Please come again when it’s warmer.”

The tweet had since received over 318,900 reactions with over 73,500 retweets.

Hedgehogs are not native to Japan but have long been sold in the island nation, where less than 20 per cent of households are estimated to have a pet, reported Australia’s ABC.

A hedgehog-themed cafe was opened in Tokyo’s entertainment district in 2016.


kt notes:

What beauty Nature provides, they treasure
Be it flowers, waterways, deer or porcupine
Protecting them with love by any measure
As with hydrangea & wisteria vines entwine

The murmur of brooks and their sweet notes
Cascading falls & alpine shrubs clad in snow
Lazy moving rivers with bamboo riverboats
In Summer and Winter with drifting ice floe

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