The new couple

Cium cium cium kissy kissy sayang
We're so deliciously close together
Darling I am now like your bayang
In a country so "perfect" & super

We've gone PAS-t our old quarrels
Our UMs NO longer crossed akimbo
Just forgive & forget our old battles
From today you're my sweet beau

But what about the kaki kangkang
Slut who hangs on to your bahteow
Won't she harass you, her abang
Mind, don't blame her as she's heow

Hey, what about a ménage à trois
We'll play it a la falling dominoes
I think tiga is more syiok than dua
Tho' A will envy our peccadilloes



Dirge for Hindraf

On 05 April 2013 I penned the following 4-line dirge for Hindraf in my letter to Malaysiakini titled Plagiarism cries, and the Tragedy of Hindraf to capture the essence of all that went horribly wrong for Hindraf.

Alas, here lies a once great movement
That had wanted its people to be free
But it failed even its own development
Shackled by its leader’s lamentable hubris

More than 2 years have since past before I decide to record them here in KTemoc Komposes. And it is an opportunity for me to add another 4 lines, a sincere appeal for Hindraf leaders to abandon its self-imposed mental 'ghetto' bordered by race and religion:

But why shackle your own downtrodden
Further with colour, caste and creed
So discard the burden of all that's rotten
By all being from one Malaysian breed

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Forgetting Teoh Beng Hock

O so soon you've forgotten me
Hey, my late name was Teoh Beng Hock
Is that even in your memory
Or just a wee footnote in history
My story soon to become mere talk-cock

Those who sinned against me
Cursing my family with veritable untold woes
Making Er Jia a fatherless baby
And those men with no pity
Have become icons by you, your new heroes

Thou faithless headless chooks
Have further insulted my already grieving family
Giving the enemy support but not rebukes
Ever greater pain my family now brooks
All because of your sad self-interest treachery

Bhai once said don't be immoral
In desperately seeking victory without morality
Nor should one be ever unethical
But safeguard and value our principle
To never sacrifice and replace with hypocrisy


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Bangla in Pilihanraya

This is an old one, posted on 05 May 2013 in my other blog KTemoc Konsiders.

The date 05 May 2013 was the day when Malaysia held its 13th general elections. Then there were accusations by one party of another party bringing in tens of thousands of Bangladeshis to (illegally) vote for the latter party, with suggestions that such Bangladeshi voters would be rewarded with Malaysian citizenships.

True or false, the accusations inspired me on that election day to pen the following lines though more in jest, wakakaka. Then I had written only 3 stanzas. Today I take the opportunity to add in one more to make it a 4-stanza piece.

By the by, it's worthwhile reading The Star Online article Bringing back passion in Penang food (by Dorairaj Nadasan) which is related to some aspects of what I have written, wakakaka.

Hello, my name is Mr Farooq Majumdar
I was born in Kampung Paya Terubong
Which by the way, Sahib, is not very far
Just the distance for a Bangladeshi song

Yes Sahib, indeed I am very very Malaysian
Which is why today I have come to vote
‘Coz there is also lucrative compensation
And I really don’t mind coins or bank note

Come to think of it, I've a Malaysian mien
I work goreng-ing at a char koay teow stall
And pahkok with Ah Peh Ah Ee in Hokkien
While my towkay sits behind doing f*-all

* Malaysian and Penang Hokkien words (italicized) explained below

Best of all I don’t have to go home, I mean
Kampung Paya Terubong is now my address,
And that’s what makes me really super keen
To vote as told, for a citizenship to possess

"Farooq you naughty rascal, come home immediately"

wakakaka (with sincere apologies to Madame Sheik Hasina)

* Malaysian
i. goreng = fry or frying (as in koay teow noodles)

** Penang Hokkien words
i. char koay teow = fried rice noodles
ii. pahkok = engaged in casual conversation
iii. Ah Peh Ah Ee = honorifics (uncle & auntie) for seniors of parents' age
iv. towkay = boss


My Way

My way or the highway
My bridge or the ditch
Last chance, that's my say
So go consult your witch

Em is bigger than amNO
Thus the party I'll destroy
Who cares if it faces woe
If I don't have my 'lil joy

I have done it once before
I will happily do it again
Now you know the score
So bloody use your brain

I'm the most-est, yes me
who floats like a butterfly
No, it ain't that Mohd Ali
who's more like a gadfly

I'm the one who can sting
Like a pissed off tebuan
If you dare fail to bring
All those I said I want

I'm focussed on my aim
Better not get in my way
Whatever I doth claim
Have it ready by today


Sonnet for Satay Scoundrels

move to Putrajaya my bloody foot

ooops, would that be seditious?


To the overburnt rancid satay culprits:

What is but there for you to do
other than to serve the people
If on this you haven’t a clue
Then you’re in f* deep trouble

Place your own gross desires
behind your obligated task
From you all it just requires
isn’t much of a big f* ask

No more of burnt rancid satay
That poisons a friend’s mind
Or of mutual trust you betray
With it, golden bonds unbind

Belay your foul bullshit move
to that fabled Putrajaya city
Your own interest do remove
Its real motive we want to see

Put your bloody back to the job
For the rakyat, sweat and toil
And do not their hopes f* rob
Nor their trust you bloody soil

You damn mongrels!

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