Dirge for Hindraf

On 05 April 2013 I penned the following 4-line dirge for Hindraf in my letter to Malaysiakini titled Plagiarism cries, and the Tragedy of Hindraf to capture the essence of all that went horribly wrong for Hindraf.

Alas, here lies a once great movement
That had wanted its people to be free
But it failed even its own development
Shackled by its leader’s lamentable hubris

More than 2 years have since past before I decide to record them here in KTemoc Komposes. And it is an opportunity for me to add another 4 lines, a sincere appeal for Hindraf leaders to abandon its self-imposed mental 'ghetto' bordered by race and religion:

But why shackle your own downtrodden
Further with colour, caste and creed
So discard the burden of all that's rotten
By all being from one Malaysian breed

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