Remembering William Yau Zhen Zhong

One moment I was left in the car
Next, they found I was truly gone
To a new world that’s so very far
Sadly making my parents mourn

One moment in my short six years
Took me William forever far away
Bringing to my parents bitter tears
Oh God why why why, they’d say

One moment of so wicked cruelty
Has torn my dearest family apart
Evil struck hard at six-year old me
Like a sharp dagger into my heart

One moment, one honest mistake
Has darkened a once-happy world
Sorrow my parents would partake
With deep anguish in endless twirl

One moment of sorrow, then I'd be
In happier place than where I was
You may keep me in your memory
And help my parents with their loss

Reference: Free Malaysia Today - Mother: Dead boy is my William

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  1. Anonymous11:54 am

    Emmm...there are loud whispers that his death was not at the hand of strangers, that it somehow circles back to family members.
    I don't know, but the story told by the parents have really odd, almost unbelievable aspects to it.


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