The murder of Teoh Beng Hock

I posted Remembering Teoh Beng Hock more than 2 years ago on 06/06/2010 and reproduced below as Part I.

I believe we should not forget his unnecessary and cruel death and the lack of justice for him and his family.

Part II of The Murder of Teoh Beng Hock is immediately after the first part and is presented in more cryptic form.


Part I (the Murder)

The next day I was to wed my love
She would have taken up my name
But some said the Immortals above
Like Fate, would play a cruel game

I was called in as a so-called witness
To come up with required evidence
'They' gave me dozen hours of stress
To support their pre-determinations

Oh, didn't I mention my wedding
When friends'd celebrate with me?
Alas, that did not come to being
Why so? Ask that Am-ay cee cee

'They' said I was one who’d loiter
And nap to soothe my sleepy eye
So as to feel fresh to reconnoitre
For a nice spot to takeoff and fly

In 7 months I was to have a baby
How proud I’d be as a new father
Waiting, thanks to Am-ay cee cee,
On the other side of the Styx river

‘They’ now add insults to injury
Claiming I had Triad association
A red herring to deflect query
Of my death and their connection

Just their leitmotif, it's not new
Unbridled power, their slogan
Unaccountability is their cue
Don’t believe me? Ask Kugan

Did you see the tears of my father
And also those of my bride to be
They both seek a simple answer
From a very silent Am-ay cee cee

Part II (The Murderer)

He was the one who hung me just by my belt
In death-defying position outside the window.
Shit happened, belt broke, thus I was dealt
Horrifying death in a plunge towards below.
Act of unforgivable criminality he was guilty,
Murdering me ‘coz of his callous arrogance
Using fabricated pretext of interviewing me.
Denied me basic rights to smash my resistance
Deceitfully absent during police check of DNA
Instructing his prints on window be wiped clean
Nothing in the office of Am-ay-cee-cee to say
He was present there at floor number fourteen
All subterfuge will not my red blood wiped off
Staining his two evil hands that had slain me
His Maker will not permit him excuses to doff
Injustice he committed, & acquitted it shall be
Moved away he has, but we know who he is

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