Siapa Raja!

Don’t ever question, ya, me,
Limpeh, arm pai, aku, Saya.
Lu tremblingly bow to Wah,
don’t ever forget siapa Raja!

Aku puan & tuan, kau hamba
but with sexy voluptuous bum;
question not my lustful grope
because I want badly to cum!

Leer, ogle, probe, slap, grope
are but my usual lustful way;
what I, thy tuan choose to do,
you just have no f**king say!

Kau boleh protest, plead, cry.
They but fall on wax-filled ears
of your selected wakil raykat
for 5 more f**king long years.


Proudly Beneath Sang Saka Biru

yes, down, up, down, up, down
and hang on to both your ears,
do continue till something falls
out, but not counting your tears

wriggle your bare hips gently
and swing your breasts to & fro,
then turn around for the video
remember to smile & say hello

we are nothing less than the law,
so don't fret or blush my li'l dear,

it's our tradition that you be nude
we want to know when all's clear

we are here to serve and protect
proudly beneath Sang Saka Biru,
yes, we serve our own interests
and protect our own people too

In a Perfect Country!

a perfect country
of immense wealth;
wants for nothing,
save compassion

a perfect country
spick and span;
no dirt! not even

messy feelings

a perfect country
financial centre,
shipping Mecca,
Darfur of mercy

a perfect country
of resolute leaders;
articulate, brainy
but missing a heart

a perfect country
of rules and laws;

OK to do this that
but mustn't hug

a perfect country
of rugged people;
fit, strong, healthy
but without a soul


The Door

in life’s journey
down a corridor,
everyone arrives
soon at the door

marked DEATH;
not one can say
I am turning back
or here I’ll stay;

long corridor,
short corridor,
all must open
the inevitable door;

what lies behind?
no one has a clue,
but all will know
when they step thru'

the door one day;
we want to know more
about that gateway;
is it the final door

to a divine kingdom
or dreadful Gehenna
or one of many doors
of eternal Samsara?

Home and Free

it’s a Sunday, a sunny beautiful day,
the day I
return home, finally free
of earthly worries, hatred and woes
to rest my body beneath a gum tree

returning in a coffin, a crate if you like,
sealed and stamped ‘No Longer Fragile’
but still unloaded with careful gentleness
to pass customs check, ‘cuse me if I smile

for my brother, I went outbound alone,
came home with him, reason no longer
matters, but I remember all my friends,
love, memories but most of all, mother

it’s a yin-yang world here, where those
hatred, scorn, jeers wash off me gently,
like night’s retreat from the early dawn
of kindness shone by friends and family

distant bells & distant chimes

on his last walk,
greeted by
who leads him
to the final point

for a place
far beyond
lack of compassion,
to finally rest;

distant bells
chime 25 times
for his time here,

distant chimes
in minister's office,
"sir, phone call"

Cricket at Dawn

till he's run
out forever,
at dawn

men in white
on green oval,
women in black
in cold tiled room

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