The Hogwash Humanistic Humus

'sans' in French means 'without'

A Humanist, he calls himself with narcissistic pride
Thinking he is the grandson of Mohandas Gandhi
Preening in front of a mirror, he grins at own sight
But alas he indulges in vileness, abuses & obscenity

above dialogue censured due to 'humanistic' language


Secretly he indulges in self abuse for gratification
Shuddering in his own sick version of Parinibbana
Lusting after a young lady with frightening fixation
He eff-s his own keyboard like a sex-crazed Panda

Each & every time he says farke, he farkes himself
How he turns, twists, tortures his sick self to sheets
Abandoning decency and civility onto the back shelf
Even extending his dirty tongue to lick his own teets

my name is not Kitty but Mootee


The so-called Humanist suffers deficiencies in body
Salivating at someone's child, fantasises wild frolic
Lascivious meditations about young orangy sweetie
His lechery unrequited renders his bile more vitriolic 


message to the self proclaimed 'Humanist'


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