I ain't no chicken farmer

Malaysia Boleh so think BIG lah


Torn from my vigilant duties at the border
Guarding against entry of seditious ashes
For Negara and Merdeka I restored order
By arresting those purple-dressed pipi-ess

Wearing wrong colored shirts was their fault
When blue would have won for them the day
Then their Merdeka march I wouldn't dare halt
And their intention, I won’t have a single say

2009 was 2009, so why still talk about Kugan
And I also resent being labelled a mongrel
Regardless of whatever political affiliation
My groomed hair shows I’m not a scoundrel

I admit I am angry for what I saw on Twitter
But only for failing to give me proper due
By comparing me to a failed chicken farmer
For that mistake I'll make the offender rue

Do you know who's the failed chicken farmer?

Answer at bottom

Don’t you dare confuse me with legal fact
Of what's ‘illegal’ and what's ‘unregistered’
Don’t trouble me with obfuscating abstract
I am who I am, I've decided they've erred

Yesterday Boss wanted us to up our unity
To face any challenge and whatever test
Well, what better test than free nasi curry
So stop whining, whinging and your protest

Look at those who praised my patriotic action
They of blue ‘pedigree’, ‘proper’ upbringing
Saying my mini Ops Lalang has justification
From them I hear only encouraging singing

I shall help leave behind a peaceful Malaysia
Of prosperity where RM6 billion is nothing
Once my duty's done, for jolly good measure
I’ll be back at the border so no ash sneaks in

He was the unsuccessful chicken farmer

Above also published in letter to Malaysiakini on 01 September 2014


The Champion Buffalo

yo, right up to my f**king neck in water


I am the rogue, the outcast, a pariah
Living in the shade of a yellow brolly
My personal position in straits dire
Due to my pathetic pompous hubris

In truth I am greatest, the mostest
Tho' thick skin like a water buffalo
No one can be like me the smartest
With a brain like an overripe pomelo

I can knock down friends and foes
Sting them like venomous scorpion
Knock them for six like dominoes
I am no less a right royal champion

Splish splash, we kerbau love water
Wallowing in muddy cesspool bath
Tho' you may find such filth a horror
We luxuriate in such a decadent path

Moo moo moo moo moo moolah
Wakakaka wakakaka wakakaka


The most dangerous woman in Malaysia

Her smile radiates scintillating beams of thousand volts
It’s said on the Dacing she weighs more than a vampire
Her straight messages to the foes are like thunderbolts
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia

A Doctor was galvanized into admonishing the parents
He was followed by an army of doomsayers in the rear
Including thugs on motorcycles with their vicious stunts
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia

Lahad Datu had nothing on a photo-ed bikini-ed recruit
Who wasn't even aware she was coopted most unfair
Desperate sinister forces misuse the dear Pinoy beaut
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia

Not since our Hellenic sweetie, wakakaka, she from Troy
Has there been so much consternation, worries and fear
Forcing the Sith Lord’s Goebbel-like battalions to deploy
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia

A Sylvester Stallone wannabe mumbled about ingrates
It’s a wonder he wasn't donned in pseudo military gear
Spewing with spit-freckled vile venom his pretend hates
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia

The evil Empire worries that the Heartland dam may burst
Taking away unsullied youths upholding democracy dear
Rejecting all versions of deformasi (wakakaka) accursed
O Dyana, you’re the most dangerous woman in Malaysia


Tribute to the people's Tiger

Tribute to the people’s Tiger

I saw the Khalsa Warrior saddled up on his white steed
With steely eyes, a lion’s heart and strong moral kirpa
And ready to offer for the downtrodden his good deed
Even if that requires him to ride bravely into Nirvana

Indomitable, courageous, resolute yet conscionable
He was the people’s Tiger with a compassionate heart
No legal or political challenge for him was impossible
Even if he had to upset sacred cows and the apple cart

So he has ridden his faithful steed into the setting sun
Along a lush valley of fragrant lily and bunga cempaka
But he wants us to know his tasks are yet all to be done
With even more after he reaches the Golden Gurdwara

Thus we his heirs of conscience, of public responsibilities
Must pick up his mantle even as we bid our Bhai adieu
And continue unabated his discharge of righteous duties
So he can sit peacefully on the right side of Waheguru

my tribute to Bhai published by Malaysiakini today


Remembering Bernard Khoo @ Zorro Unmasked

In Spanish California Don Diego de la Vega might have been Zorro
Tho’ in our homeland he had been none other than Bernard Khoo
But to our immense shock, grief and tears, our much great sorrow
Our respected silver haired fox (Zorro) has left us for yonder blue

I’m sure Bernard in that far better place will still be sipping away
His much loved ‘The Macallam’ tot by unending tot with an angel
Where he is, there’s no night nor darkness, only ever blissful day
Dear Bernard Khoo, Zorro Unmasked, requiescat in pace, Vale

Eulogy also published in KTemoc Konsiders

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