The Champion Buffalo

yo, right up to my f**king neck in water


I am the rogue, the outcast, a pariah
Living in the shade of a yellow brolly
My personal position in straits dire
Due to my pathetic pompous hubris

In truth I am greatest, the mostest
Tho' thick skin like a water buffalo
No one can be like me the smartest
With a brain like an overripe pomelo

I can knock down friends and foes
Sting them like venomous scorpion
Knock them for six like dominoes
I am no less a right royal champion

Splish splash, we kerbau love water
Wallowing in muddy cesspool bath
Tho' you may find such filth a horror
We luxuriate in such a decadent path

Moo moo moo moo moo moolah
Wakakaka wakakaka wakakaka

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