What happens in the Middle East

It’s annoying to deny me my favourite sports
Doctors’ primum non nocere is just tok-kok
At most we will have ended up with a corpse
It’s the same with executing him with a rock

I am talking of hands to undergo amputation
To lope off criminals’ appendages for ‘crime’
Inhumane? F**k such a bloody consideration
The bleeding hearts are just society’s slime

People fear me ‘coz I love to really inflict pain
That way, I have them in the palm of my hand
Yes man, I like that saying of ‘no pain, no gain’
Though not of sports hahaha but of my stand

The backs of crying women I sure love to whip
Ogling at same time their fair juicy creamy skin
Wails rang out, my eyes stray to an ample hip
While I clean her soul from a lusty wicked ‘jinn’

If heads have to off-ed, that will be even better
Too much logical thinking is bad for the health
The headless corpse will be my badge of terror
My unchallengable power increases san stealth

Flog, whip, rip off skin, behead, chop off limb
What lovely musical play of terrorising words
Whoops, time to exercise my muscles at gym
Then drink coffee, and train my raptor birds

Wasting time chopping off a hand that's hale?

What poppycock tok-kok is this from the Med?
It's sheer nonsense, what a bloody sorry tale
To deny 'justice' because of stories that's sad

Blast, I've just sharpened my lovely chopper
To wield it & feed the public's increasing fear
I am the ultimate Judge Dread, the stopper
Of fun, dancing, love, driving music and beer 

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