Keris kueh

Note we ain't no Arabs no more
As can be seen, we are Malays
Ya, we ain't the sheik's mandore
We've given up* our camel days

temporarily, wakakaka

Please vote for us, we of thy bangsa
This applies to you, our pals in PKR
And no camel as we'll use Proton Saga
In Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar

We've even celebrated our muktamar 
With a gigantic halal green pulut cake
Yes, we are prepared to go very far
As to use a keris on what was baked

But once the election's over, lose win
We'll ta-ta our Hang Tuah garb adieu
Then once again we'll be happily seen
With a Middle-Eastern camel or two

I miss the massage ... er ...bonking on top of my back 


Recalcitrant no more

I wanted to laugh but instead tears fell in my heart
Then I wanted to cry yet couldn't help but ponder
Of sweet irony in an once arrogant pride torn apart
We can only view his humiliation with pitiful wonder

Once he walked in the corridors of unbridled power
And subjugated even the most highborn to his will
T'was said that many before him were seen to cower
Then when he passed by, even more stood very still

Seen as one who's never wrong in all his decisions
His stately words were considered as precious gold
Countless were ooh’s & aah’s wrapping his visions
But they're all gone now, as the new 'truths' unfold

O How the mighty has fallen, his weapons perished
In his distressed call of help to one so hated before
How he allows his own maruah to be so diminished
With a sad silent cry that he’s recalcitrant no more


Anwar's greatest fear

Anwar Ibrahim's greatest fear is that people will forget him.

 suspect that has been why he has decided to represent himself in the RM100m suit against Nalla so that he keeps himself in the public eye, wakakaka.

And that too has been why his wife, daughters and supporters have frequently raised issues about him, such as nominating him for the Nobel Prize.

Mind you, this proposed nomination might not be a wasted effort as the Norwegian committee for the Nobel Peace Prize has been known to be controversial in awarding the Prize to unexpected people.

Anyway, a kaytee poem for Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka:

Oh I used to float like a butterfly
and sting like a bee, nay, tebuan*
I can't accept my political goodbye
It's cruel to make me sing like a swan

* being formerly UMNO, wakakaka

This post has been published in my other (socio-political) blog, KTemoc Konsiders.


Hypnos cradles me gently

Six years ago I wrote 'My Day of Infamy' in my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok, a two-part post about my horrendous experience with a blind date.

During that date, due to self-inflicted circumstance (too much scotch, single malt do you mind, wakakaka), I ended up behaving like a most unchivalrous cad for a Penang bloke, sigh.

The 2-part post were:

(a) My Day of Infamy (1)
(b) My Day of Infamy (2)


My poet-blogger matey, caravanserai, posted a comment-poem in Part 2 to commiserate with my horrific reminiscence (thanks matey). Yes, 'twas horrific both in my personal experience, wakakaka, and my unwitting unintentional bad behaviour, sob, sigh, sorry.

I had then responded to caravanserai in kind, and after 6 years believe I should record my lil' poem about my experience here in KTemoc Komposes, wakakaka. 

I have also taken this opportunity to amend and edit it to straighten out inconsistent grammar, replace some words and add in one extra stanza, wakakaka.

kaytee the greenhorn, wakakaka 

Like a naïve greenhorn scout
I arrive at a strange flowing river
On its strength I have my doubt
So dip my toe in to test the water

I worry, I fret but I step in despite
Admittedly clumsily, not in style
Then something on my leg bite
Oh holy Mum, ‘twas a crocodile

She chomps her jaws on kaytee
Her name terrifyingly is Medusa
I appeal to Dionysus to help me
Intoxicate me to sleep wakakaka

So into slumberland I disappear
Dear Glenfiddich took me safely
Into its great 'Valley of the Deer'
Where Hypnos cradles me gently




Dionysus - Greek God of Wine
Hypnos - Greek Goddess of Sleep
Medusa - one of the monstrous Gorgons in Greek mythology (and my blind date, wakakaka)

Glenfiddich means 'Valley of the Deer' in Scottish Gaelic


Gong Xi Fa Cai

Wishing all my visitors and friends

May your journey through the Year of the Monkey be safe and filled with happiness, health and success.


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