Anwar's greatest fear

Anwar Ibrahim's greatest fear is that people will forget him.

 suspect that has been why he has decided to represent himself in the RM100m suit against Nalla so that he keeps himself in the public eye, wakakaka.

And that too has been why his wife, daughters and supporters have frequently raised issues about him, such as nominating him for the Nobel Prize.

Mind you, this proposed nomination might not be a wasted effort as the Norwegian committee for the Nobel Peace Prize has been known to be controversial in awarding the Prize to unexpected people.

Anyway, a kaytee poem for Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka:

Oh I used to float like a butterfly
and sting like a bee, nay, tebuan*
I can't accept my political goodbye
It's cruel to make me sing like a swan

* being formerly UMNO, wakakaka

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