Hypnos cradles me gently

Six years ago I wrote 'My Day of Infamy' in my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok, a two-part post about my horrendous experience with a blind date.

During that date, due to self-inflicted circumstance (too much scotch, single malt do you mind, wakakaka), I ended up behaving like a most unchivalrous cad for a Penang bloke, sigh.

The 2-part post were:

(a) My Day of Infamy (1)
(b) My Day of Infamy (2)


My poet-blogger matey, caravanserai, posted a comment-poem in Part 2 to commiserate with my horrific reminiscence (thanks matey). Yes, 'twas horrific both in my personal experience, wakakaka, and my unwitting unintentional bad behaviour, sob, sigh, sorry.

I had then responded to caravanserai in kind, and after 6 years believe I should record my lil' poem about my experience here in KTemoc Komposes, wakakaka. 

I have also taken this opportunity to amend and edit it to straighten out inconsistent grammar, replace some words and add in one extra stanza, wakakaka.

kaytee the greenhorn, wakakaka 

Like a naïve greenhorn scout
I arrive at a strange flowing river
On its strength I have my doubt
So dip my toe in to test the water

I worry, I fret but I step in despite
Admittedly clumsily, not in style
Then something on my leg bite
Oh holy Mum, ‘twas a crocodile

She chomps her jaws on kaytee
Her name terrifyingly is Medusa
I appeal to Dionysus to help me
Intoxicate me to sleep wakakaka

So into slumberland I disappear
Dear Glenfiddich took me safely
Into its great 'Valley of the Deer'
Where Hypnos cradles me gently




Dionysus - Greek God of Wine
Hypnos - Greek Goddess of Sleep
Medusa - one of the monstrous Gorgons in Greek mythology (and my blind date, wakakaka)

Glenfiddich means 'Valley of the Deer' in Scottish Gaelic

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