I work for the rights of the dead

My letter to Malaysiakini titled I work for the rights for the dead published yesterday is dedicated to a brave compassionate professional Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand


You see only a very dead man
Just a clammy lifeless corpse
Perhaps decomposing badly
To return home to Mother Nature

But I see in him a devoted son,
A dear brother, loving husband
We’re definitely different, ‘coz
I work for the rights of the dead

You claim he had given all up
Absconding from his life duties
Now lying on a cold marble slab
Body broken up in your eyes

But his scars confides to me
He went not of his own volition
His sad face tells me a story, ‘coz
I work for the rights of the dead

You avoid touching his cold hands
And cringe at the sight of him
A gruesome inconvenience for you
Just another statistic to file away

However I sense a glow still in him
The love of a man, the joyful pride
Of a father to be, I know these ‘coz
I work for the rights of the dead

His opaque glassy eyes terrify you
You look over your shoulders
At midnight you cower in groups
Fearing the ghost from your guilt

I feel his body and he whispers
To me pleas to tell the whole truth
Of his life stolen away, I will ‘coz
I work for the rights of the dead


Teoh Beng Hock - killed at MACC Head Office


Remembering Teoh Beng Hock

The next day I was to wed my love
She would have taken up my name
But some said the Immortals above
Like Fate, would play a cruel game

I was called in as a so-called witness
To come up with required evidence
'They' gave me dozen hours of stress
To support their pre-determinations

Oh, didn't I mention my wedding
When friends'd celebrate with me?
Alas, that did not come to being
Why so? Ask that Am-ay cee cee

'They' said I was one who’d loiter
And nap to soothe my sleepy eye
So as to feel fresh to reconnoiter
For a nice spot to takeoff and fly

In 7 months I was to have a baby
How proud I’d be as a new father
Waiting, thanks to Am-ay cee cee,
On the other side of the Styx river

‘They’ now add insults to injury
Claiming I had Triad association
A red herring to deflect query
Of my death and their connection

Just their leitmotif, it's not new
Unbridled power, their slogan
Unaccountability is their cue
Don’t believe me? Ask Kugan

Did you see the tears of my father
And also those of my bride to be
They both seek a simple answer
From a very silent Am-ay cee cee

On 18 July 2009 I posted this in my other blog KTemoc Konsiders as Mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock - a voice from beyond.

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