Siapa Raja!

Don’t ever question, ya, me,
Limpeh, arm pai, aku, Saya.
Lu tremblingly bow to Wah,
don’t ever forget siapa Raja!

Aku puan & tuan, kau hamba
but with sexy voluptuous bum;
question not my lustful grope
because I want badly to cum!

Leer, ogle, probe, slap, grope
are but my usual lustful way;
what I, thy tuan choose to do,
you just have no f**king say!

Kau boleh protest, plead, cry.
They but fall on wax-filled ears
of your selected wakil raykat
for 5 more f**king long years.

1 comment:

  1. I remembered how my uncle and i ( as a kid back then ) cheered for SiapaRaja.
    The crowd goes wild whenever there is SiapaRaja on the track.
    Even royalties cheered for SiapaRaja.
    Chinese, malays,Indians and "lain-lain" all loves SiapaRaja.

    Who is this SiapaRaja?
    Just a horse. SiapaRaja is a racing horse.


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