Sonnet for Satay Scoundrels

move to Putrajaya my bloody foot

ooops, would that be seditious?


To the overburnt rancid satay culprits:

What is but there for you to do
other than to serve the people
If on this you haven’t a clue
Then you’re in f* deep trouble

Place your own gross desires
behind your obligated task
From you all it just requires
isn’t much of a big f* ask

No more of burnt rancid satay
That poisons a friend’s mind
Or of mutual trust you betray
With it, golden bonds unbind

Belay your foul bullshit move
to that fabled Putrajaya city
Your own interest do remove
Its real motive we want to see

Put your bloody back to the job
For the rakyat, sweat and toil
And do not their hopes f* rob
Nor their trust you bloody soil

You damn mongrels!

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