Three boats, three legs

They curse the man who stands at same time
On two separate boats with one foot on each
An opportunist with no moral, overt or sublime
Worse, to us true believers he dares to preach 

But you have not see him in his full notoriety
Where he has a third leg for one more boat
There is just no end to his sinister infidelity
What treachery and sellout he has invoked

He claims pseudo-leadership of the coalition
Only by default of his supremacist Di-An-A
Behind, he hugs a foe of Green Imposition
In scheming league per his perfidious way

Wait, there's more as he flirts with a newbie
A devious still-active despot, so damnable
Their Di-An-A make a Supremacist coterie
Arrogantly oblivious to proletarian struggle

Party factionalism results sadly in cessation
Of aid for once Loh Gwo Burne's constituency
Wong's Wrong-ed; Wrong-ed Wong's vexation
Suffers aid discontinuity despite his assiduity

An intra-party spite evokes ugly arrogance
In misusing power to punish the 'other' side
The Wannabe Leader shows clear evidence
Of sinister intent to push Team 'B' outside

There is no decent trace of moral principle
But only the obsession to cling on to power
Every which way goes, internal & external
Allies to strike ruthlessly, foes to pamper

He has been tutored by the most notorious

Who taught ways demanding a stone heart
To achieve victories meritorious or inglorious
But what happens when 3 boats move apart

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