3 'Old Goats'

three grumpy 'Old Goats'

Three old galoots took us for a toxic ride
Fill our minds with venom for one another
Thus we have only hatred and ethnic pride
Not considering other as sister and brother

Their individual middle name is Division
Distrust Disrespect Dislike each's surname
They love clashes, conflict, confrontation
Agitating provoking inciting are their game

These old codgers, they are far far worse
Than the Four Horsemen of D'Apocalypse
Poisoning goodwill in every spoken verse
Promoting darkness, shadows and eclipse

They love Pestilence, War, Famine, Death
Riding on horses white, red, black & pale
Exhaling vicious venomous viperish breath
Ethnic division their deadly rancorous sale

I mean 'men', 3 men 

Call them 92, 76, 69 or 3 prophets of hate
Their Kabbalah figures are hexes to beguile
Abracadabra just for their own power sake
Their laughs're of hyena, tears of crocodile

They resent their own ginormous mistakes
But with karma running out their mortality
They want to have & also eat up their cakes
That's why they resent our youthful vitality

very old billy goats 

Leave & let our nation be more harmonious
They should cease spraying muhibbah-cide
We want to regain our country once glorious
Stop leading us like lemmings into suicide

We want to play 'soccer' again like Mokhtar
Arumugam, Santokh Singh, and Chin Aun
Malaysia need civility, decency, muhibbah
Give us more Ola Bola stories, joy and fun

where old goats ought to end up

best for everyone

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