An Imperator Never Apologises

I could not stand a man like him
Who desires some one’s behind
I won’t want him on my team
Don’t ever think I'd be so blind

Yes, I sacked him from the party
And sent him into the wilderness
But who’d have thought how wily
He was in aggressive bitterness

He dared to form Parti Reformasi
To fight me an unchallenged ruler
But he was let down by sodomy
And ended up at Bamboo River

As PM such a man must never be
Can the nation accept a sodomite
O' he disgusts me so unbelievably
I can't even countenance his sight

Years passed and I'm in deep shit
For trying to be like Lim Goh Tong
Losing several billions & a wee bit
Wasn't my error just a wee wrong

Now I need his party to play ball
But don't think I've accepted him
It’s just my usual hypocritical call
To attract Si Merajuk to my team

Once I’ve won the general election
I will not need his party anymore
He can continue his stay in prison
Hatred of him is deep in my core

I’m the nation’s highest Imperator
None will ever get the better of me
Even the PM has to be my mandor
Or he will end up like Jibby & AAB

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