Jumping from lie to lie

Although I am not a frog, I still like to jump around
This becomes more so when I've been caught lying
There's nothing sweeter than those croaking sound
'Cause that make more melodious my sheer fibbing

I am thinking of blocking that tunnel with concrete
To deny a pseudo-god his connection to more glory
But I feel slime oozes out of me as if I am in defeat
The bloody gunk is making me smell like a lavatory

Why can't I get that bloody bastard, it makes me mad
And why can't my aides provide me with a silver slug
Needless to say, their incompetence makes me sad
Because I cannot bloody walk away with just a shrug

Shall I borrow a submarine to torpedo that wormhole
Or steal a Su-30MKM to drop one mighty big bomb
I've to be quick as we're approaching close to the poll
But whatever I do it will have to be with bull aplomb

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