Musang King turns out to be a belimbing wuluh

TMI - Dr Mahathir a divisive figure in fight for Muar (extracts):

Two Johor old timers have expressed their concerns with Mahathir as Pakatan's leader and PM-designate. TMI reported:

Wan Ali Wan Yusoh has voted in 13 general elections but none is giving him as much headache as the 14th polls.

Why? Having to choose between a scandal-tainted ruling coalition and an opposition coalition helmed by a leader with his own chequered past and an Islamist party that does not seem to have its act together. [..]

106 people were arbitrarily incarcerated, some for years without due judicial process 

5 High Court judges were sacked under questionable circumstances 

Lord president of Judiciary sacked 

The father of four used to be an Umno member but left when Dr Mahathir was in power.

“I might vote for BN if Abdul Razak (Hussein) is still around but the current administration is not doing well in addressing people’s woes. So, I don’t know,” said Wan Ali, when met at a programme by PH party Amanah in Muar recently. [...]

Wan Ali’s sentiments are shared by Fong, a businessman who owned a shop selling recycled items.

Lim KS used to railed against Mahathir for various scandals of mega-Billion proportion
but has now became mute due to political alliance and political interests

“If you ask me, both (BN and PH) are bad. Not so sure who I will pick. I might not cast my vote,” said Fong.

“The opposition went on to work with Dr Mahathir. He had done many things that were bad in my eyes. He did it for 22 years.

“What is the guarantee he will not commit the same mistake and implement the same rule? As for the government, I have nothing much to say,” said Fong.

We went to Muar to sell our delicious Musang King
Thinking the local will snap up our generous offer
yes sir, we were so sure they'll snap up everything
But our durian tasted like belimbing to our horror

We saw the locals in Muar smile a sarcastic smile
Hinting to us durian sellers we were like conmen
They weren't going to accept or swallow our guile
Making us all feel very low like snakeoil salesmen

One Pak Cik beckoned to us and said city slickers
Should not peddle notorious secondhand ProKon
As Muar-ians have had enough of political sinners
With bull, follies, crimes all adding up to a big ton

OTOH, Ah Peh wants someone very squeaky clean
Who don't, won't jail everyone, anyone as he likes
And who hadn't for 2 decades polluted the scene
Importantly, will also respect and uphold our rights 

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