Remembering Adelina

Did she meet one, a nasty self claimed pandita
Of a sad society that looks down and looks up
No one crosses the shadow of any uber varna
So then, was she sent outside to the dog to sup

Do adorn the belated with flowers and fragrance
'Tis the least we can do for someone's daughter
Stricken with suffering, none knew her ailments
Inflicted with cruel barbarity, she suffered torture

She came from another country, a foreign land
To seek fortune but instead met with wickedness
Little she knew she'd receive a really bad hand
Evil, oppression, brutality and most, loneliness

Marooned on an 'island' that was called Neraka
She inevitably perished due to treatment brutal
We hope she is now in a better place that's afar
A place where people are happy, and joy fruitful

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