Tan Seng Giaw - Salt of the Earth

MM Online - Dropped as DAP candidate, Seng Giaw says will not defend Kepong (extracts):

Tan was rumoured to have fallen out of favour with the party leadership because of his criticism of the Penang government in managing environmental issues. — Picture via Facebook

KUALA LUMPUR, April 10 — Incumbent Kepong MP Tan Seng Giaw, who held office for 36 years, said he would not be defending his seat as an independent after DAP dropped him from the election.

Tan, who has held the Kepong parliament seat for eight consecutive terms since 1982, said he respected his party’s decision to move incumbent Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng to his seat in the 14th general election.

“Such is the fluctuations of politics and the decision made by party headquarters must be followed,’’ he told Malay Mail.

When asked whether he would contest as an independent and go up against Lim, Tan said no.

When asked further on whether he would help Lim campaign in Kepong, Tan said he would leave such decisions to the people.

“I will let the people decide and see what they want.”

However, Tan said he will continue to serve the people in Kepong and was humbled by the chance to do so.

“I still have my office in Kepong and people can still call me and make appointments to see me if they need any help. I'm here to stay and serve as best I could.

“In fact I just came back from an event in Kepong and there an unusual high number of people there today to see me,’’ he said.

Now, an eulogy to Tan Seng Giaw from an admirer:

Through times many a good man has sadly fallen
Not in honorable combat but by the hidden blade
Of blood stained Machiavellian hands oh so rotten
But whose time will 'come' too, whose fate'll fade

Goodness, righteousness all seem to be forgotten
Overcome by dark forces of greed and intolerance
By Helheim wolves, ravenous hounds misbegotten
Fed by gluttonous avarice from Dark Concordance

Will such Evil be given all their iniquitous free rein
To subdue, suppress & suffocate those of rectitude
Denying truthfulness by severing the tenuous skein
Of decency bound to an otherwise innocent attitude

But a Force monitors our actions, be it good or evil
Like a quiet accountant tallying our actions thus far
It measures, evaluates, records since time primeval
& remembers, never forgets, always fair, our Karma

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