Selamba Denial

After G-D achieved the perfect man, He discarded that mold
And that explains why I am perfectly & magnificently unique
With a 10 in all my qualities, don't blame me for being so bold
Because I am just consummate, the awesome brainy Sheikh

I've never made any error, booper, blunder, fault or mistake
Anyone who says otherwise must be one terrible awful liar
How dare some even refer to me as a Ophiophagus snake
His or her lips should be stitched up in razor-sharp barbwire

As for imprisoning opposition people, please ask the police
I was the Prime Minister then test-driving the lovely Proton
That to increase its max speed, its weight should decrease
Lalang detainees not as bad as portrayed, t'was all a con

Anwar was a different case where he did things abominable
But I loved him as a son, even begging the law to let him go
The horrid men in blue, doggedly said no, so very inflexible
Endowing him with a black eye very much against my say-so

I'm innocent of all people have accused me of, pure lily white
You can ask my bosom friend from my Pocket for a testimony
I have not the slightest doubt he will swear to you I am alright
Whereas in the earlier bad days he did rail against my policy

Yes, ask him as he and son were by the police incarcerated
Alongside 103 others plus Kua Kia Soong & an angry Bhai
Not such a big deal for being hauled in, just pride lacerated
Their yester-year's grievance I am prepared today to mollify

Those whining whinging wonders should check on Thailand
Compare to up North our bastards were bloody damn lucky
I guess we've over-pampered prisoners here in Boleh-Land
They should thank me for being PM, they should be happy  

Didn't/don't they realise how kind hearted I really have been
Just one lousy black eye when it could have been far worse
Like a known Pinang Tokong they've feminine-like thin skin
I should be receiving gratitude when all I've gotten is curse

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