Home for Rohingyas?

Compare current Malaysian compassion for Rohingyas to how we had badly treated the Vietnamese during their dire moments as they fled the communists in their homeland to arrive here by boats.

vietnamese boat people 

We even had a very nasty bigoted high ranking politician threatening to tow their hardly-seaworthy vessels out to the high seas again and/or shoot them.

If we want to be compassionate towards the Rohingyas then that should be based on universal values and not on blind religious or ethnic loyalties, and a compassion which should be universally applied to everyone deserving of such sympathies.

Oh Rohingyas Rohingyas Quo Vadis
Flotsam of Poms, you colonial debris
Like Malayan Cinapeks if you please
Though the latter, alas, could not see

That your problems are almost similar
To theirs, save an exception in religion
That's the one with moon and scimitar
Which ruled Arakan in arbitrary fashion

You couldn't mix with local Burmese
Nor consider the locals as your kind
You treated them as if they've disease
Class them as pariahs, infidels, swine

Ali Jinnah didn't want bigoted loyalty
That you offered to his pure Pakistan
Instead of pledging to Burma loyalty
You thus rendered citizenship undone

Now you cry songs & tears of  sorrow
You gnash your teeth & tear your hair
Sadly for you, there seems no morrow
A sky with storms but not weather fair

Go home to Mother Land, Bangladesh
End thy Diaspora, run to Sheik Hasina
Cease silly threats and militarism brash
Such extremities won't take you very far

Be like the Malayan Cinapeks who live
In Malaysia amidst peace and harmony
Strong has been their wish their belief
In a life of co-happiness & co-prosperity

Live anew in what once was E Pakistan
With your brethren of Bengali ethnicity
That may end your sad & sorrowful run
Which unchecked may be unto eternity


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