The Frogs of Malaysia

The eternal bane of our country are frogs
'Tis the season for them, hopping all over
Stinking like malodorous dirty worn socks
Yes, they're very much attracted to power

Frogs I refer to aren't nature's amphibians
Just offspring of scums in grotty cesspool
They love nefarious acts pre-post elections
Yes, drawn to filthy lucre & loot they drool

Some are amazingly agile in their hopping
They lompat kiri kanan, whoa, back to kiri
Their inner GPS' directing them to offering
Lucrative, in a game of 'Gimme', 'Gimme'

Their hides are thick as African rhinoceros
And faces masked with hypocrisy and lies
Preaching righteousness in voices sonorous
While converging on pungli like eager flies

Note: 'pungli' is Indonesian abbreviation for 'pungutan liar' or 'illegal levies' (bribes)

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