Life-long punishment

Deemed a bastard & consigned to being a bin Abdullah
A lesser human, one to be forever scorned as a mongrel
Feathered & tarred by cruel people, the dastardly mullah
To be jeered by society as one possibly born in a brothel

in Selangor we back mufti of Perak 

The Divine One looks from above, and shakes His head
At those who claim to be His clerics but sadly heartless
Who brazenly claim to talk for God above, so they said
But 'tween secular & clerics' laws, which's of darkness

By their cruelty, their arrogance, he became a bin Mutt

Smeared forever, though for what purpose, I must ask
Branded as an illegitimate, the leper's mark is clearcut
Stigmatised, to prove he's innocent will be no easy task

as a public servant, I only obey a fatwa and f**k secular laws 

Why do so-called men of god want such an evil tattoo
To be inked on all innocent babies born out of wedlock
Such life-long punishment wouldn't be from a bhikkhu
Nor should it be from a cleric to a member of his flock

Ishmael bin Abdullah, not Ishmael bin Musa 

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