Symbiotic sufferings

When she fasts, I starve miserably
Denied love, deprived of affection
Struggling in vain to sustain my soul
With a meaningless purpose in life

When she vanishes I become blind
No longer aware of the universe
Isolated in a perpetual darkness
Terrified by her absence, a void

When she stays silent I’m a mute
Unable to cry out my loneliness
Speechless in vacuum of no hope
None heard my cries of sorrow

When she rolls her angelic eyes
My heart flips into toppled state
Like a useless 3-axes gyroscope
Utter directionless disorientation

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:22 pm

    wah kaytee
    struck by the love bug izzit?
    the word 'angelic' is a big giveaway
    very nice poem la


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