Remembering Preeshena Varshiny

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Hah, we are made in God’s image
Then, we’re all but God’s creation
So we have been told by the sage
In each and every wise generation

I’m the late Preeshena Varshiny
I suppose I am God’s creature
Who’s now gone to the Almighty
After my cruel death thro’ murder

Did someone miss telling the killer
Before he perpetrated evil on me
That we’re endowed with the nature
Of God’s love, compassion, charity

So was I life’s typo for back space?
Too late, too late I am forever gone
Not a breath left, not a single trace
In my young cold body lying forlorn

I was only nine years old, yet to be
Ten, eleven and of more warm years
How’d I have known of such cruelty
Flooding my family’s life with tears

So pray, no, not for unfortunate me
Please do pray for my dearest family
As they cried over my wee cold body
They’ll ask how this has come to be

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