A Rotten Day

‘Twas really a rotten day
When all things went wrong
And you needed lots of hugs
A comforting word of love

Rank, name, serial number
The guard barked at me

So I trotted down to the bar
For some chilled chardonney
Something to warm you by
Till your blues were gone

Bartender said, we’re closed
Please come back tomorrow

Then you searched for a friend
To speak to a familiar face
Enjoy an amicable word or two
Perhaps a whiskey or beer

Sorry mate, not in right now
Am on a hot, really hot date

When you couldn't get someone
To share your day’s burden with
You turned to old faithful, your dog
Always waiting for you at home

But it’s full moon, he’s on the prowl
He has his own life too, grrrrowl

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