The Hogwash Humanistic Humus

'sans' in French means 'without'

A Humanist, he calls himself with narcissistic pride
Thinking he is the grandson of Mohandas Gandhi
Preening in front of a mirror, he grins at own sight
But alas he indulges in vileness, abuses & obscenity

above dialogue censured due to 'humanistic' language


Secretly he indulges in self abuse for gratification
Shuddering in his own sick version of Parinibbana
Lusting after a young lady with frightening fixation
He eff-s his own keyboard like a sex-crazed Panda

Each & every time he says farke, he farkes himself
How he turns, twists, tortures his sick self to sheets
Abandoning decency and civility onto the back shelf
Even extending his dirty tongue to lick his own teets

my name is not Kitty but Mootee


The so-called Humanist suffers deficiencies in body
Salivating at someone's child, fantasises wild frolic
Lascivious meditations about young orangy sweetie
His lechery unrequited renders his bile more vitriolic 


message to the self proclaimed 'Humanist'



Remembering Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim

To the very last he fought his battle
The mighty warrior he always was
Alas he was betrayed by the rabble
Foiling him in his ever glorious cause

He now walks in the Hall of Valhalla
Hail by mortals and the angels above
Friends remember him with nostalgia
Family embraces his name with love

al-Fātiḥah Allahyarhum Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim


The poisonous frogs of Malaysia?

Imitating Poison Dart Frog or Mimic Poison Dart Frog 

Once six frogs went on a trip
To seek a new fresher pasture
Yes, a stinking cesspool to sip
Decomposing rotten manure

Red Backed Poison Dart Frog

They met the Froggie Emperor
D'monstrous Kahuna Amphibian
He was in His mighty splendour
As D'powerful Pribumi guardian

Blue Poison Dart Frog

Come in come in, sign this form
He welcomes them very warmly
All you need to do now is conform
Ya, to all my diktats most meekly

Panamanian Golden Frog (Poison)

It will be like the good olde days
When I ruled this wealthy nation
Everyone obeyed all of my ways
From Forex to weeding operation

wakakaka, you goofy gullible guppies 


Silat, Taichi & Akido Haiku

Tempest blows furious

The willow tree remains calm

Like Truth, it stays pure


Opiate for the Masses

Karl Marx: "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people".

Give the masses their opiate to satisfy their addiction
For RM30 million, the drug calms mindless mongrels
Hypnotise them from rabid viciousness to submission
Subduing restlessness and silencing hysterical vocals

Fix their green-hued eyes on the green fields of footies
Keep their most violent minds on 22 people in battles
And stuff debased mouths with kacang, chips & cookies
There's no need to worry they'd even change channels

By then, it'll 2023, wakakaka.

hope it's TSG, Zaid, Sangeet, Hafidz or Maryam 

Chu'oi Soo Ong - Raja Gadoh

WTF is smug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug Lim Kit Siang up to?

Why the fCk would MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc claim the money found in Najib's house? It's an UMNO business so why is LKS dragging MCA, Gerakan, MIC into it?

The 14th Election is already over and please note GE15 is still 5 years away, yet this Chu'oi Soo Ong atau Raja Gadoh masih terus cari pasal. He even cucuk for re-election in Perlis when another party had won 10 out of 15 state seats.

A born vitriolic banshee and professional agitator, LKS just has to cucuk and cucuk to prevent sleeping dogs lying peacefully.

If he is so free and full of toxic energy please resume his pre-Pakatan Harapan rants against Mahathir lah, that is, if he has the balls.

I was born a trouble-maker, one par excellence
Life would be meaningless without shit-stirring
In my career there is no such thing as balance
I fling poo around regardless if that's deserving

I close one eye to "M"atey's humongous follies
To lull gullible guppies that all is bloody well
Now, tok kok most time is among my hobbies
Masking sonny's f*up to say his work is swell

I am restless because there's less stuff to bull
So I'm gonna make de bloody UMNO apologise
Then shooting off to KK where it is damn cool
To ask folks there if they'd like to circumcise

I am known as a bloody trouble-making assh@le
It's in my DNA so what I do is grin at other's woes
Though I have lived long in reality I have no soul
Other than to find faults and poke others' noses

I'm D'informal Pakatan Minister Plenipotentiary
I can give orders, fCk people up & make policies
Thus I'm warning "resign or be fCk' to Apandi Ali
And promises to find justice for TBH are fallacies

 Lim Kit Siang with MACC strategic communications director Rohaizad Yaakob (centre) and other opposition leaders at the MACC Office in Putrajaya, August 6, 2015. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

what a fCking hypocrite and traitor to Teoh Beng hock's family and his memory

and just one lousy year after his pathetic pompous speech vowing:

Beng Hock’s death would be “in vain” if firstly, his killers remain free and unpunished; and secondly, the MACC is not held responsible and liable for his death and instead allowed to “go to great lengths” to participate in a “cover-up” of the actual causes and circumstances of Beng Hock’s death at the TBH RCI, with MACC officers telling “lies after lies” at the RCI.

I call on Malaysians to stand for justice and to make a commitment that they will not rest until the “cover-up” of Teoh Beng Hock’s criminal and senseless murder is exposed and the killers, including MACC, are brought to justice. 


Selamba Denial

After G-D achieved the perfect man, He discarded that mold
And that explains why I am perfectly & magnificently unique
With a 10 in all my qualities, don't blame me for being so bold
Because I am just consummate, the awesome brainy Sheikh

I've never made any error, booper, blunder, fault or mistake
Anyone who says otherwise must be one terrible awful liar
How dare some even refer to me as a Ophiophagus snake
His or her lips should be stitched up in razor-sharp barbwire

As for imprisoning opposition people, please ask the police
I was the Prime Minister then test-driving the lovely Proton
That to increase its max speed, its weight should decrease
Lalang detainees not as bad as portrayed, t'was all a con

Anwar was a different case where he did things abominable
But I loved him as a son, even begging the law to let him go
The horrid men in blue, doggedly said no, so very inflexible
Endowing him with a black eye very much against my say-so

I'm innocent of all people have accused me of, pure lily white
You can ask my bosom friend from my Pocket for a testimony
I have not the slightest doubt he will swear to you I am alright
Whereas in the earlier bad days he did rail against my policy

Yes, ask him as he and son were by the police incarcerated
Alongside 103 others plus Kua Kia Soong & an angry Bhai
Not such a big deal for being hauled in, just pride lacerated
Their yester-year's grievance I am prepared today to mollify

Those whining whinging wonders should check on Thailand
Compare to up North our bastards were bloody damn lucky
I guess we've over-pampered prisoners here in Boleh-Land
They should thank me for being PM, they should be happy  

Didn't/don't they realise how kind hearted I really have been
Just one lousy black eye when it could have been far worse
Like a known Pinang Tokong they've feminine-like thin skin
I should be receiving gratitude when all I've gotten is curse